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Get the answers to all our most frequently asked questions. Can't find the answer you are looking for? Feel free to shoot us an email at any time! We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Will my dog need to be groomed?
    Yes, both Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles will need regular grooming.
  • What are your prices?
    We are happy to accept all major credit cards through Good Dog payments, as well as cash. We do not take personal checks or money orders for final payment at this time. For deposits, we are also happy to accept Venmo or a check in the mail. Aussiedoodles: (40-50 lbs +/-) Black Tuxedo - $2000 Red Tuxedo - $2000 Tri-color - $2000 Red Phantom- $2250 Merle - $2500 Mini Aussiedoodles:(20-25 lbs+/-) Black Tuxedo- $2250 Red Tuxedo- $2250 Tri-color- $2250 Red Phantom- $2500 Merle- $2800 Standard Bernedoodles: (50 lbs & up) Bi-Color - $2000 Tri-color - $2500 Phantom - $2500 Merle - $2800 Mini Bernedoodles (25-45lbs+/- ) Solid- (Red, Black)- $2000 Bi-Color (Black/White, Red/White, Abstract)- $2500 Tri-color - $2800 Phantom- $2800 Merle- $3200
  • What training do you provide for your puppies?
    As of June 2023, we are integrating the Badass Breeder Curriculum with all of our puppies, including temperament evaluations in addition to ENS training. While we are thrilled to be using a formal "curriculum" with our puppies, nothing will ever replace time spent. Above all things, it is the time we spend with our puppies that sets us apart from other breeding programs, as many of our former "fur parents" will tell you. We are a homeschooling, work from home family of nine. Our puppies are loved on and handled daily (and then some!!), exposed to people of all ages, including babies and toddlers on a daily basis. By the time they leave us they have had exposure to loud noises, grooming, as well as other dogs and animals, and much more. To say they are "socialized" puppies would be an understatement, as we like to tell people....they come "bomb proof"!!
  • What is the adoption process?
    The first step in securing one of our precious puppies is to fill out our puppy application. Upon receiving your application, we will be in touch within 48 hours via email to go over your preferences and give you a time frame of when we would be expecting puppies that match your preferences. Depending on the breed and timing we may put you on a wait list, to ensure we are able to get you the perfect fit. We take a $250 deposit to be added to a waitlist or to secure a puppy. Once the puppies are born we send a birth announcement via email to each family on our list. We send pictures and updates bi-weekly so our families can follow along with the puppies as they grow. Litter Selection occurs at 6 weeks after we complete our temperament testing. Our selection process is in the order of deposits received. You will receive (5) professional photos of each puppy available to you, as well as their temperament testing scorecard. As breeder, we reserve the right to have "Breeders Choice", as first pick in any litter if we choose. If we can't meet your coloring or gender requests, we will automatically bump you to the next litter that would potentially have your preferences. Shortly thereafter, we will send out one of our "litter letters" via email with all of your specifics in it. What food we use, grooming and training recommendations as well as crate and toy suggestions. PLEASE NOTE: To protect the biosecurity of our young puppies we do not allow visitors prior to pick up. Litter Selection is done virtually. Once our puppies are vaccinated at 7 weeks, we are happy to allow you into our home the following week for pick up. We love meeting our families!!! Once the puppies are 7 weeks old, we take them to our veterinarian, and they are given their first shots and a full comprehensive exam. At eight weeks the big day is here and we will assign a time for pickup that works for you and your family. We are also blessed to have a very affordable, safe door to door delivery service if you choose to have your puppy delivered.
  • Do you sell puppies that can be used for breeding?
    No. Our puppies are strictly family pets and service dogs. You will be required to sign a spay and neuter contract upon pickup.
  • Can I have my puppy delivered?
    Absolutely! We are thrilled to offer nationwide delivery. We are blessed to have a VERY AFFORDABLE delivery option that provides door to door service. If you need delivery, we are happy to give you a quote. We do not hire out deliveries but have our very own trusted delivery team that will keep your puppy well-loved and safe during transport. As a service to our future "Fur Parents" we will meet you at our local airport, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre free of charge. Our delivery team will also meet you at Newark, Philadelphia or La Guardia Airport for a small fee. We do not ship our puppies cargo. If you would like to have your puppy flown into your local airport, we have a flight nanny that will travel with your puppy and deliver him to you safely at the airport. Please inquire for a quote.
  • Do you health test your dogs? Is there a Health Guarantee?
    Absolutely! All of the adult dogs in our breeding program are genetically tested and free from disease. In addition, your puppy will come with a Full Two-Year Genetic Health Guarantee, we send this out via DocuSign two weeks prior to Pick Up, so you will have your own electronic copy on file. We stand behind the health of all of our puppies.
  • Can I come visit my puppy?
    For the safety of our puppies, we do not allow visitors. We do send detailed bi-weekly updates with pictures, for you all to follow along! We very much look forward to meeting you at Puppy Pick Up!
  • Will you hold my puppy for me past the pick up date?
    We highly encourage you to pick up your puppy on its "Going Home Day". All of our puppies go home on Saturday's and you will have the date immediately upon birth of your puppy. It makes the transition much easier for Mama and helps us stay on the same deworming schedule with all puppies. If you cannot make it to our home, we are happy to schedule delivery for you with our delivery team. We always have delivery options available on "Going Home Day" for all of our puppies. If for some reason you can absolutely not make it, we can hold your puppy up to (5) days for you. After that there is a $30/day boarding fee.
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